Bailey Massey Global offers comprehensive and customized services designed to address your unique communication needs. Whether you prefer the dynamics of group training, the convenience of on-site or remote options, or the personalized touch of individual coaching, we’ve got you covered. Our commitment is to provide tailored solutions for you and your organization to ensure that you excel in your internal and external communication. 

Communication training is tailored to the industry specific needs and challenges of professionals, leaders, and organizations. Effective communication is the cornerstone of the success, leadership, team collaboration, and client relations needed to drive growth and success. Learn more

Using an evidence based approach, Bailey Massey Global supports clients in improving effective public speaking and presentation skills while building confidence and increasing clarity and effectiveness. Teaching anatomy, physiology, and psychology clients develop an understanding and control over their breath, speech, and thought organization to reach their communication goals and hold audience attention. Learn more

Bailey Massey Global assists professionals with an accent or regional dialect to improve communication clarity while maintaining their unique cultural identity. Clients learn to communicate using Standard American English speech sounds, grammar, vocabulary, intonation, and body languageLearn more

Working closely with actors, acting coaches, and directors Bailey Massey Global provides accent and dialect coaching for film, television, stage, and streaming productions. Clients are coached to use unique accents, dialects, vocal modifications, and script tone alignment through live coaching as well as indirect recordings, transcriptions, or notesLearn more

what you'll gain

Project confidence, credibility, and learn how to effectively present when communicating with individuals as well as large groups.

Improve articulation, fluency, projection, and awareness of different communication styles.

Build relationships and trust in the workplace through communication, understanding of different communication styles, and effective organization of your message.

Build trust and relationships through authentic communication and curiosity. Set goals to connect through conversation and grow your network.

Prioritize internal and external communication to maintain a culture of trustworthiness among employees, investors, customers, and executives.

1 : 1 and group communication training

Group training sessions foster a collaborative learning environment where participants engage in interactive exercises and real-world scenarios. Training together not only offers team building opportunities for team members working remotely but also allows individuals to learn from each other’s experiences, enhancing their collective communication skills and boosting team cohesion. Schedule a consultation with Bailey to discuss your training needs to allow for a tailored training for you, your team, or organization.

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I worked with Bailey to prepare for a presentation I needed to give for work. I am not usually comfortable talking in front of large groups but after working with Bailey my confidence grew and my presentation was a huge success. She was so easy to work with and really flexible. I highly recommend working with her!”

Marcy H.
US Airforce

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