Dialect coach

Dialect Coach

Bailey Massey Global is an accent and dialect coach for actors and performers to teach general accents and specific regional dialects for the stage, screen, and voice-over.

Accent and dialect work is challenging for many actors. But, it can make all the difference in an audition and when connecting with an audience. Bailey Massey Global’s unique approach to accent and dialect coaching allows even “terrible at accents” actors to be successful and book roles.

The Possibilities are endless

Whether a script calls for a general accent or a role requires a specialized dialect from a specific region, time period, and social status, Bailey Massey Global can match any accent and teach a character’s unique speech patterns.

coaching to meet your needs

Bailey Massey Global is available to provide single coaching sessions for auditions, as well as regular coaching to support an actor on set or prior to a live performance. Accent and Dialect Coaching sessions will teach you how to maintain an authentic accent while acting and performing. Bailey Massey Global’s coaching program teaches you how to self mark sides and scripts to become more independent and confident in your accent work.

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