accent modification

Bailey Massey Global is P-ESL certified and experienced in providing Accent Modification and Reduction training to improve communication in those with an accent or regional American dialect.

Bailey Massey Global believes strongly in improving communication skills while maintaining each client’s unique cultural identity. Individualized Accent Modification and Reduction sessions help clients learn to communicate using American English speech sounds, grammar, vocabulary, intonation, and body language to meet their unique communication needs. 

who we work with

Speech Therapy CO has experience working with medical professionals, executives, sales and marketing teams, educators, actors, and the technology sector. Our sessions are offered individually as well as in large and small group settings.

Goals & benefits

Speech-Language Pathologists are highly qualified speech and communication specialists with unique training that supports clients in understanding and changing their speech sounds and communication patterns. Bailey Massey Global provides expertise in phonetics and articulation as well as grammar, sentence structure and social communication. We are ready to support individuals in meeting their goals.

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